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SCWS is a company founded by professionals with many years of experience. We manufacture steel structures, balconies, balustrades, stairs and fences made of steel and aluminum.

About company

The company was founded in January 2018 from the merger of four companies cooperating together since 2005 and operating successfully on the European market. It is a family company, thanks to which reliability, quality and trust are our company’s motto. Many years of training experience and familiarity with the industry allows us to create the highest quality product. We are a small but constantly growing company, which can be confirmed by the obtained quality certificate for the production of steel and aluminum components according to the EN 1090-1: 2009 + A1: 2011 standard. Thanks to cooperation with several friendly companies we have access to the highest quality products fired, bent, turned, etc. Thanks to the introduced factory production control, we can be sure that our product meets all kinds of requirements. We use only proven products for production,

Building Construction

Structural steel

SCWS Steel Constructions supplies and installs structural steel, steel frames and all types ofsteel beams . Contact us for further information.


The right balcony means increased quality of life for the occupant and value for the home. The extra square meters in the form of a balcony can make a big difference for many years to come.


Stairs are today an integral part of the building, and today there are many opportunities to give exactly what you want.

We’re built for change

Get everything you need from start to finish.

We’ll work with architects to bring your design to reality; with general contractors to make install hassle free; with property managers to ensure the final prefabricated balcony system helps attract residents.



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    Because we design and develop all our products ourselves, we can deliver exactly what you need.
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